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PHounding Vision

A word from the Founders...


Founder nPHluential

Personally, sisterhood is defined as a relationship forged in honesty, loyalty and commitment. Being honest within yourself about the vision you’ve set out to manifest, loyal to your sisters regardless of circumstance or benefit and committed to making a difference with other like-minded women alongside you. The initial dream of creating an organization was nothing more than a mere thought in the midst of chaos. What better way to rise from the trauma, the hardships, the feelings of inequity, the self-doubt and spiritual conflict than to build and develop a persona fitting for a Phoenix. Strong-willed, proud, unique, a being of virtue, nobility and ferocity with no apologies. We created this org to be a home for those who surpass ordinary perceptions. Revel in the measures that add up to make you the amazing woman you are.

Together, we rise above all else.


Co-Founder illusTRIus

When you envision an organization, one that is founded upon high standards and values, it is essential to form a connection with personal ideals and beliefs first and foremost. Setting forth an example, building a foundation and “practicing what you preach” is exactly what I mean. If I am to say “my sisters’ keeper,” how do I uphold that? How do I exemplify that very phrase and truly keep my sisters through the ups and downs, when she’s feeling depleted, when she’s given all she has to give? You do so with reciprocity, with leadership, with genuine connections and uplifting. The most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced is identifying the needs of self and manifesting that into a sisterhood that knows no bounds to being a true sister. A true light in the midst of darkness. BDPhi is that for me, and together, we rise above all!


Co-Founder KonSinnity

For years, I felt I was lacking a sense of inclusion. Desiring a feeling of involvement, a sense of ownership, and responsibility to contribute back into the community was what propelled me into the idea of founding something that was true to my heart. I am driven by the goals of personal growth , peace, love, and prosperity for all. I envisioned a sisterhood that would fulfill these desires and provide harmony for myself and others. These motivational factors have encouraged me to become a voice in creating this organization.  I found a home when I found these women. Embracing our differences and combining our similarities. We have developed a sisterhood for those who needed something bigger than themselves. A way to honor the paths set before them and the enlightenment that was to come.

Together, We Rise.

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