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How does Beta Delta Phi give back to the community?

Beta Delta Phi’s philanthropy is centered around the empowerment and support of women of all ages. Service to both ourselves and our "sisters" in the community is our way of giving back to those that need the encouragement, the support and the understanding.  We also show support for other organizations by actively donating and being present at the events to show support for their initiatives. Chapters are able to participate in their own regions, as well as, participate on a more broader scale with our semi-annual nationwide events. 

What can Beta Delta Phi do for me?

Beta Delta Phi is a sisterhood built upon the notion that EVERYONE needs SOMEONE. You will gain a support system, a listening ear, a network of business women, a network of mothers, and more. We strive for leadership in our professional and personal lives and will work with our sisters to reach their goals as well.  

What principles does Beta Delta Phi stand for?

Beta Delta Phi was founded on three pillars: Physical Health, Emotional Maturity & Spiritual Elevation. Each pillar reflects the importance our sisters hold to being the truest and purest form of themselves. We exemplify these pillars through fellowship, mental health check ins, health & wellness initiatives, as well as spiritual development on a regular basis.  The experiences we have, mold us into the people we are but these pillars, mold us into the people we want to be...TOGETHER

What is Beta Delta Phi's stance on alcohol/drug use?

Beta Delta Phi has a very strict policy in regards to alcohol and the use of non-prescription substances. We do not tolerate alcohol being consumed by any of our sisters at Greek-letter events or functions. Sisters are not to indulge in any consumption of alcohol or usage of illegal drugs while wearing letters. We hold every sister accountable for her behavior and will determine the appropriate consequences if this policy is not followed.

What is Beta Delta Phi's policy on hazing?

Beta Delta Phi defines hazing as any act or behavior whether physical, mental, emotional or psychological, which subjects a person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to discomfort, abuse, mistreatment, degradation, humiliation, harassment, embarrassment or intimidation, or which may in any fashion, compromise her human dignity regardless of status within the sorority. All members must follow all policies regarding hazing.

What is a New Member Education Process?

The New Member Education Process is the period of time that all history, values and other org-specific literature is given to new interests of the sorority. During this time, individuals participating in the process are able to learn valuable skills that will help them navigate through life in various ways.

Do I need to be a "woman of color" or LGBT to join Beta Delta Phi?

Absolutely not! While Beta Delta Phi was founded by black, lesbian, women of color, it is not a sorority exclusive to just that demographic. We are proud to be a diverse organization with sisters of all demographics, ethnicities and racial backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being encompassing of anyone who simply wants to make a difference. THAT is the only ask!

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Let's Work Together

If you have any additional questions that we haven't answered for you here, please reach out! We want to hear from you!

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