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At Beta Delta Phi, we strive to provide positive and memorable experiences that enhance our service impact in the community and the integrity of our sisterhood. Our philanthropy helps to build and cultivate mental and spiritual empowerment amongst all women. Beta Delta Phi sets out to be the change we want to see, by doing what is necessary in our own lives and the lives of others.

RePHIned Prom Project

The RePHIned Prom Project is Beta Delta Phi's way of giving back to our younger girls for one of the most significant nights in their teenage years. All members coordinate and assist with raising funds and sponsorships to make a select few young ladies' prom dreams come true. We take care of the hair, makeup, dress, shoes and do it all with a smile and quite a few helping hands! This project provides the opportunity to a lucky girl who may not have had the chance to have her dream prom night, on her own terms. 

rephined prom project.png

Crowning Queens: Mommy & Me Gala

Imagine getting all dressed up for an elegant evening with the littlest ones that adore you! The Mommy & Me Gala is a sponsored event catered towards moms and their blessings. Beta Delta Phi finds the importance of motherhood and sisterhood and has combined the two for a night that you won't soon forget!

crowning queens.PNG
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