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Betas Bring Thanks to the Community

With Thanksgiving being just days away, the SoPHisticated Ladies of Beta Delta Phi Sorority, Incorporated in conjunction with Servants For Hope and other greek & non-greek volunteers, help to fight food disparities as food costs rise this holiday season.

Chicago, IL is the hometown of several Beta Sisters so it was only right for us to come together in an economically compromised neighborhood (Englewood), to volunteer our time, services and resources to those most affected. The Sisters of Beta Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. along with their brother organization, Beta Alpha Delta Fraternity, Inc. were out in the streets, covered in snow and working in collaboration and unity to pass out 800 turkey and ham meal kits.

We have folks that might not have accessible heat, and you got different food disparities and different shortages and things like that. We want to alleviate a burden in a sense" --Deonte Tanner with Servants for Hope.

In a time of when many people's pockets are hurting, those receiving food over the weekend were grateful and really expressed their thanks for a helping hand.

Although this was the 6th annual event for Servants of Hope, this was the first year that the BDPhi Sisters were able to participate, but this collaboration is far from over. We have committed to attending annually to make a difference and be a part of such an amazing opportunity! All volunteers braved the frigid temperatures to give back to the community that raised them - with hot chocolate in hand (sponsored by the Beta orgs). The church located at 6600 S. Hermitage helped hand out more than 1500+ turkeys, along with boxes of other essential items for a Thanksgiving feast. People there said events like this are a blessing...and we will continue to be a part of the solution.

Chicago's members of BDPhi

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